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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So we went on another little ROAD TRIP!!! We went to Mt. Rush More. It was way fun. We got there nice and early in the morning so there was not a lot of other people there, which is always a plus not being surrounded by who knows! Dont you just hate when your like at Disney Land and there is 100,000 people there or more and all you want to say is "dont touch me!" Well it was very nice not having a lot of people there, you just get a special feeling when you get to ponder about things in a little bit of peace. Getting the chance to read about our 4 wonderful presidents (besides Lincoln according to my husband) and getting to know how Mt Rush More was built was very interesting. They did 90% of it by blasting it away with dyamite, and Thomas Jefferson was first built on the left of George Washington but because there was not enough Rock they couldnt finish the job. They blasted that face away and started Thomas Jefferson on the Right side. Well on our way home from Mt. Rush More we stopped by Crazy Horse, which still is not finish, its been about 50 years! We stopped by one other place, Fort LIM.....something, I forgot the name already! I thought it was a great place even thought I cant remember its name. It is a national park, I just go to so many I can not keep them all straight in my head. This Fort was used for Pioneers to stop for supply heading out west, and then later used as a military fort to help protect pioneers from the Indians. Our little Road trip was awesome! I learned so much!


Bryce and Jaci said...

Awesome! That sounds like super fun!